This is my favourite eye shadow palette ever. Seeing as I've only started using eye shadow a couple of months ago, I've actually made up quite a collection of palettes and none of them were as amazing as this one. It's by Urban Decay, the 2nd Naked palette. I always thought maybe I'll just wait till there's an occasion and someone asks me what I want, I'll tell them this palette. But you know what, I was in House of Fraser (a department store here in London) and I actually picked up a YSL compact eye shadow in two different colours, but it cost half the price of this amazing palette, and when I spent some time admiring the colours I just couldn't leave it there any more. To be honest I was scared to tell my boyfriend how much I've paid, haha. I mean, £37 for eye shadow... boys just don't understand! lol But it was ok, he just made fun of me for about two hours. It also came with 4 samples of primers, which will probably last me a year! lol
I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves eye shadow, especially nude/natural colours. All three palettes have similar shades, but this one is by far my favourite. Money well spent!
Do any of you own any of the Naked palettes?


I posed for these pics for 15mins so I thought maybe I'll share them with you, even thought the outfit isn't that great, and my hair- ergh. I just picked up my coats from dry cleaning a few days ago, and got this one dirty today :( Damn it Gabby, why can't you be normal??? People, I wanna ask you, how do you wash/clean light coloured coats? I've been taking mine to dry cleaning coz I don't wanna ruin them. But that obv costs money which is annoying. We picked up the keys to our new flat today, and we're moving in tomorrow. Woohoo exciting! If you're wondering why we're moving AGAIN it's because we wanted to live just us two, and now we were sharing with a friend. I personally wouldn't recommend living with friends, unless there's absolutely nothing you can do. But that's my experience.  As I said we're moving tomorrow, and I am sat here, blogging while NOTHING is packed. Hahahaha its funny coz it's not. I gotta pack my bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and also clean the flat. Good luck to me... haha
Speaking of luck, we won £100 today on a little scratch card that cost £2! Now I can get this pair of shoes I wanted, and not feel guilty. lol!


Hey guys! So a about a week ago I got an email from a lovely lady from and she asked me if I would like to choose something from their site so I chose this beautiful bikini which I fell inlove with. I am just giving you a sneak peek now, as we booked our holiday to Italy for June, so I'll do some nice shots there near the sea. :) It's by Pameladebeaumane and the website sells amazing swimwear and other swimwear related items for you. So many brands to choose from as well.  I love this bikini because it has frills and  the bottoms have a Brazilian cut in the back which is the style of this summer! It also just looks amazing on the body and I can't wait to show you when in Italy. Here is the link.


River Island

Finally found the perfect pair of these shoes for myself. We all know these are a must-have this season!
I wouldn't have bought them if my dogs never ruined my black vans. I was so excited that they came back into fashion but when I saw them... I wasn't happy with my dogs... all chewed up! So I was on a hunt for a new affordable pair. I couldn't see myself spending over £30 for a pair. And these were only £20!:)
I think they will be great for spring and summer.


This is Ugne, from and I adore her style! I think what I love the most is that a lot of her stuff is thrifted and she makes it look so good! I know I wouldn't be able to do that even if I tried. I am always a bit jealous of the stuff she finds, and also I'm jealous that it's possible for her to do so. Because here in the UK it's a whole different story with thrifting. Everything looks so good and sometimes you can't tell the stuff she's wearing is second-hand. Hope you like her style as much as I do!:)


skirt & bag H&M| heels & jumper ZARA| neck piece EBAY| sunglasses RIVERISLAND

Today's outfit is very girly and cute in my opinion. I still don't know whether I like these heels, but maybe I will like them more in the summer. The shirt is very old and I thought maybe it's time I wore it again! The fuchsia bag is a YSL look-alike in my opinion and it's from h&m at a very good price. Sorry about all the fluff on the skirt, it's from the jumper! grrr


jacket&shoes ZARA| blouse PULL&BEAR| hoodie HOLLISTER| sunnies RIVER ISLAND| Necklace PRIMARK

On Sunday we celebrated my brothers bday, he turned 5! Waheey! haha.
Maybe I'll upload some photos :) I wasn't wearing the hoodie when I got to my mum's but it got sooo cold, I raided my sisters wardrobe again! Hehe. I chose to wear something comfy and bright as it's a kids party and I don't want to turn up like I'm going to a funeral all in black! lol Omg... can you notice my zara espadrilles have a hugeeee hole in them???
At that point I didn't realise but when I saw it 15mins later I thought I was gonna go mad! I took them to Zara today, and because I don't have a receipt it will take longer, but they will probably exchange it for a new pair. They better! I wore them like 6 times and they ripped really badly. :( Well, Zara quality isn't all that great for the prices they charge, but still, beautiful clothes right?

Hope you like this casual outfit!:) There is still time to enter my give-aways  HERE!

p.s these jeans are very old, from a market in Lithuania, finding it hard to get rid of them...


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